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Geezer Gazette 2016, Volume 22, Edition 5

Geezer Gazette 2016, Volume 22, Edition 5


John Cougar song !!  A slight jingle in the heat race, no big deal, knocked the pretty right off the right side, crew had the 22 ready for feature, all is good.


        A great crowd on hand for the cool breezy night at Grandview Speedway. Over 90 cars signed in for action on the super-fast and tacky high banks. The #22 Hosensack Poker BRC Late Model started the feature event 15th and finished 11th (on the lead lap for you haters, LOL) !! Congrats to the Scott Lee owned #177 car driven by Brian Shuey on their second win this season. Special thanks to the #22 crew of Al, JD, and Ken as it was a busy one for them as they tended to a fuel leak, starter problem, body work, feature changes and a tight/strict ration on wire ties… LOL. JD was generous enough to bring a pot full of pulled pork along which was delicious, thanks JD !! After the races, these guys worked until 3 am, getting a jump on the weekly maintenance routine.. now that’s dedication !! Geezer doesn’t take any of this for granted, and truly appreciates all the support and dedication of the team, family, friends, secret agents and fans that has come our way, THANKS !! We continue to learn and enjoy every lap and hope you are enjoying being a part of this seasons fun. Visit often and stay up to date with our on goings. Webmaster –E does an excellent job with our site and has offered unbelievable discounts to anyone inquiring about his fine work when they mention team 22. If you want to do a site, you can expect to triple your business, go worldwide, and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner !! His contact info is on our marketing partner page.


v  A very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mathew Bartorillo !!! Matt is the ‘’M’’ in KAM Fueled and is 16 today !! A great young man.

v  Another random act of kindness hits team 22 Saturday night when the tire supplier at the track told us we have a new tire coming our way from a ‘’anonymous’’ person. We have been blessed with surprises and THANKS if you happen to be a reader. ‘Everything’ helps us stay on track.

v  Winners Saturday night were Brian Shuey in the BRC Late Models, Duane Howard in the TP Trailer Modifieds, and Jordan Henn in the Sportsman division. Great racing as always… if you win at Grandview, you are doing something right !

v  Dave Stirk delivered a couple Labatt Ice’s, thanks buddy !! Dave is as excited as we are to crack that top 5 this season, thanks to help from Schutz Competition, it won’t be long… hang in there.

v  ‘’Someone’’ kindly dropped a container full of homemade cannoli’s at the car after the events, we dug right in, thanks, they were delish !!

v  Joe Adams and Erik Whitby of the Low Down & Dirty radio show were kind enough to stop by after the event to express how much they enjoy watching my driving style and couldn’t believe how fast my lap times were. They will be a part of a huge event we have planned with Cooper Morgan’s Public House coming up June 18th. Listen to their podcast show Tuesdaynight’s from 8 til 10 pm.

v  Great to see Chuck and Sean Weiss roaming the pits… they will have the #24 Tint Guy Sportsman in competition in the next week or two. Congrats to Sean as he is on the recent winning Penn Relays Team from last weekend in track and field!! Good folks.

v  Special thanks to the ‘’Princess’’ for acknowledging she still reads far enough into this Gazette to see ‘’the tests’’… passed with flying colors Princess, you rock !!

v  Karen and Wayne Bucks along with Eric whom own Cooper Morgan’s Public House have decided to go ‘nonsmoking’ as of yesterday. They did in fact build an area designated for you should you like to grab a smoke… it is indoors, and ventilated. To celebrate this feat they are offering $3 coronas this Thursday, all day. Located at 140 Barto Road, just a mile from the track, they have great food, drinks and staff, check them out. Mention ‘’Geezer’’ and get thrown out immediately, LOL !!   

v  The ‘’Turn 4 GanG’’ created lots of ruckus Saturday night as me and the crew decided to go sit with them during the modified feature. Coach Pete, Alex, Steve and trouble maker ‘’Ralphy’’ stirred the pot a bit. Ralphy stated ‘’don’t make me hurt somebody’’ and the whole stands erupted in laughter. Something tells me they weren’t intimidated? What a fun place to witness the action !

v  Thanks Schutz Competition for the garage help lately !! Much appreciated. Grant Richards enjoyed your company !! HAHAHAHAHA Girogio’s would look good on two cars !!  wink, wink.

v  Welcome many new readers !!

Ø  2016 Marketing Partners:

A huge THANKS to our 2016 marketing partners… without each one of these fine folks we couldn’t do this !! We are already into tons of exposure we have planned for these fine folks via track announcer, program book ads, radio shows, car shows, TV, racing publications, web site ‘spotlights’ and special appearances -  patronize them please, see each one’s link on the ‘sponsor’ page of the new web site ! often !!

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NEXT KAM FUELED RACING EVENT: Saturday April 30th 2016 7PM

NEXT KAM FUELED RACING EVENT: Saturday April 30th 2016 7PM


BECHTELSVILLE, PA April 27, 2016 . . . Another action packed night of NASCAR stock car racing is set for Grandview Speedway on Saturday (April 30) at 7 p.m. The T.P.Trailers 358 Modifieds, BRC Late Models and Sportsman stockers will be the attractions with at least 12 events making up the night of excitement.

Fans and racers will be anxious to see if there are three new winners this Saturday night. So far the competition in the Saturday night NASCAR stock car racing has been amazing. Nine feature races for NASCAR Saturday night racers have been run and nine different drivers have grabbed victories. Quite a few racers that you may be used to seeing in victory lane have not grabbed the top spot in a feature race.

Ten time NASCAR track champion Jeff Strunk leads the Modified division points while Sean Merkel is tops in Late Models and Craig Whitmoyer is in front with the Sportsman.

A full slate of qualifying events will be presented in each division followed by a 30-lap feature for the Modifieds and 25 lap features for the Late Models and Sportsman.

When spectator gates open at 5 p.m. the Low Down and Dirty Meet & Greet will take place and feature Modified racer Chris Esposito, Late Model standout Dave Ogin and Sportsman talent Ryan Higgs.

Adult admission is just $15 while youngsters under 12 are admitted free.

A second date of racing is set for the weekend with Sunday, May 1, 1 p.m. featuring the Enduro and Vintage car racers. A 125 lap Enduro for big cars and a 125 lap Enduro for small cars will be the big attraction. The ladies will be featured in their own Enduro event followed by a mechanics race. The Blast from the Past Vintage cars will be a big and popular part of the afternoon of action. Adults are admitted for just $10 while youngsters under 12 are FREE.

Fans are reminded that on Saturday, May 7th racing action will start at 7:30 p.m. and that will be the starting time for Saturday events until the September Freedom 76 weekend. Spectator gates will open at 5:30 p.m.

Grandview Speedway, a one-third-mile, banked clay track, is located on Passmore Road just off Route 100 in Bechtelsville, PA, 10 miles north of Pottstown. A full assortment of great concessions and novelty items are available. Free parking on the grounds. Fans are invited to the competition area after the events are completed to meet the racers. For information telephone 610.754.7688 or check in at, Twitter@GrandviewSpeedway and along with rainout information)

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Geezer Gazette 2016, Volume 22, Edition 4

Geezer Gazette 2016, Volume 22, Edition 4



  Was it Kenny RoGers who sang that sonG ?? Or was it Ken ‘’BiG Red’’ Loux ?? Whatever the case, it took all I had to Get that sonG out of my head after cominG in from the heat race with a riGht front flat on the first lap, but hey, we’re racin and havinG fun doin it… KAM Fueled style. Visit to see what is happening! Thanks Erik Renninger of Webmaster –E fame for the Great site full of information!


With a Great field of cars siGned in for the BRC Late Models on a picture perfect race niGht, the #22 KAM Fueled Racing Hosensack Poker, Keystone Air car was ready for competition after Al, Bob and Geezer unloaded the riG and set up shop in the pits. Not long after set up , a tray full of peanut butter cookies and cupcakes appeared with a smile compliments of Missie FeGley, owner of the The Chekered FlaG Bakery. Thanks Missie, they ‘were’ delish !! The #22 BRP Late Model started deep in the pack for the 25 feature event 18th and finished a hard earned 13th. Thanks Steve Gross for lending us a Gear to try and we will continue digging for more speed. Steve will make a few appearances in his #62 Late Model soon. Every week we are learning and trying  thinGs that will help our performance, the Gear helped. A huGe conGrats to Chuck Schutz on his feature win in the 25 lap BRP Late Model feature event, he and his ‘’ONE’’ team are some Great folks who have been instrumental in KAM Fueled Racing’s start up and we thank them often, as they continue to help us, conGrats to each of them, including Dozer the horse, oops I mean doG, the size of a horse !! Frank Cozze won the TP Trailer Modified 30 lapper and Mike Lisowski won the 25 lap Sportsman main event. Happy 60th to my friend Daryl, sorry I missed your special surprise party buddy, heard it was first class as was your surprise 50th when I was 10 (HA!!)!!




vHappy Birthday to ‘’Grampa Sam’’ !!! My sources wouldn’t reveal his aGe but he acts 25 !! Hahahaha Cheers Grampa Sam !! Jeff Alhum, the track announcer was kind enough to announce Grampa Sam’s special occasion, thank you Jeff !!!

vOn the way to the track Saturday, the crew and Geezer stopped at a ‘’local business’’ to show the car and the interest was high. More news to come !! 

vSpecial thanks to ‘’anonymous’’ for oil and filters for the season !!  I have a detective on the case to find out who it is, THANK YOU, we are fortunate to be surrounded by folks who believe in our mission, we are humbled as offers and assistance pours in.

vGreat to see Cathy, Tom, Lisa, Pamela, Coach Pete, Steve and the KinG in the stands wearing their KAM Fueled hoodies and shirts for the chilly evening on the hill !! Thanks for the continued support !!

vConGrats to Jordan and ‘’the princess’’ on the recent purchase of a new castle… ‘’if the castle’s rockin, don’t come knockin’’ was a sign on the door already. ‘’this is a test’’     ;)

vAnother win for Dan Lane Jr on Saturday niGht in a Lanco Speedway Sportsman Micro Sprint !! 2 wins for the year and more to come!! He and his Dad are thrilled and it’s looking like a banner year for the father/son team. Danny recently spoke on a radio show about washing Geezer’s car every week but hasn’t done it yet. I expect a visit soon? Oh and BiG Dan owes me a WAWA coffee !!Hahahahaha 

vThe Low Down And Dirty crew were on hAnd Saturday niGht in the pits And Joe AdAms even stopped by for a peAce treAty. All is Good in the world. RiGht Joe?  ;)

vA recent visit to Cooper Morgan’s last week, has plans coming together nicely for a June 18thopen house from noon til 4 at the quaint public house and eatery located only a mile from the track on Barto Road. Stay tuned for many details including, the #22 car on display with crew and driver, YuenGlinG Girls, live radio broadcast, food and drink special with owners barbequing burGers on the Grill, ‘’trinkets’’ from Joe Adams LetterinG (HA) and more !! Maybe a jell- o wrestling match can be arranged between Geezer and the YuenGlinG Girls?? That last one was my idea… shhhh.

vThe program book being sold weekly (3,000 copies sold weekly) has a nice half paGe ad in it from KAM Fueled Racing, thanking our marketing partners and fans, thanks Dave Stirk, Joe and all the folks at the publishers for making chanGes, and fine tuning for us. Looks Great !!

vThanks Cary Vaupel and all the safety crews at Grandview that keep us safe weekly. UnsunG heroes for sure… Geared up and ready all niGht. I thought Darth Vader was cominG to my car in staGinG and it was Cary, that’s dedication man. Woke me up that’s for sure…THANKS !



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