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Geezer Gazette 2016, Volume 22, Edition 4



  Was it Kenny RoGers who sang that sonG ?? Or was it Ken ‘’BiG Red’’ Loux ?? Whatever the case, it took all I had to Get that sonG out of my head after cominG in from the heat race with a riGht front flat on the first lap, but hey, we’re racin and havinG fun doin it… KAM Fueled style. Visit to see what is happening! Thanks Erik Renninger of Webmaster –E fame for the Great site full of information!


With a Great field of cars siGned in for the BRC Late Models on a picture perfect race niGht, the #22 KAM Fueled Racing Hosensack Poker, Keystone Air car was ready for competition after Al, Bob and Geezer unloaded the riG and set up shop in the pits. Not long after set up , a tray full of peanut butter cookies and cupcakes appeared with a smile compliments of Missie FeGley, owner of the The Chekered FlaG Bakery. Thanks Missie, they ‘were’ delish !! The #22 BRP Late Model started deep in the pack for the 25 feature event 18th and finished a hard earned 13th. Thanks Steve Gross for lending us a Gear to try and we will continue digging for more speed. Steve will make a few appearances in his #62 Late Model soon. Every week we are learning and trying  thinGs that will help our performance, the Gear helped. A huGe conGrats to Chuck Schutz on his feature win in the 25 lap BRP Late Model feature event, he and his ‘’ONE’’ team are some Great folks who have been instrumental in KAM Fueled Racing’s start up and we thank them often, as they continue to help us, conGrats to each of them, including Dozer the horse, oops I mean doG, the size of a horse !! Frank Cozze won the TP Trailer Modified 30 lapper and Mike Lisowski won the 25 lap Sportsman main event. Happy 60th to my friend Daryl, sorry I missed your special surprise party buddy, heard it was first class as was your surprise 50th when I was 10 (HA!!)!!




vHappy Birthday to ‘’Grampa Sam’’ !!! My sources wouldn’t reveal his aGe but he acts 25 !! Hahahaha Cheers Grampa Sam !! Jeff Alhum, the track announcer was kind enough to announce Grampa Sam’s special occasion, thank you Jeff !!!

vOn the way to the track Saturday, the crew and Geezer stopped at a ‘’local business’’ to show the car and the interest was high. More news to come !! 

vSpecial thanks to ‘’anonymous’’ for oil and filters for the season !!  I have a detective on the case to find out who it is, THANK YOU, we are fortunate to be surrounded by folks who believe in our mission, we are humbled as offers and assistance pours in.

vGreat to see Cathy, Tom, Lisa, Pamela, Coach Pete, Steve and the KinG in the stands wearing their KAM Fueled hoodies and shirts for the chilly evening on the hill !! Thanks for the continued support !!

vConGrats to Jordan and ‘’the princess’’ on the recent purchase of a new castle… ‘’if the castle’s rockin, don’t come knockin’’ was a sign on the door already. ‘’this is a test’’     ;)

vAnother win for Dan Lane Jr on Saturday niGht in a Lanco Speedway Sportsman Micro Sprint !! 2 wins for the year and more to come!! He and his Dad are thrilled and it’s looking like a banner year for the father/son team. Danny recently spoke on a radio show about washing Geezer’s car every week but hasn’t done it yet. I expect a visit soon? Oh and BiG Dan owes me a WAWA coffee !!Hahahahaha 

vThe Low Down And Dirty crew were on hAnd Saturday niGht in the pits And Joe AdAms even stopped by for a peAce treAty. All is Good in the world. RiGht Joe?  ;)

vA recent visit to Cooper Morgan’s last week, has plans coming together nicely for a June 18thopen house from noon til 4 at the quaint public house and eatery located only a mile from the track on Barto Road. Stay tuned for many details including, the #22 car on display with crew and driver, YuenGlinG Girls, live radio broadcast, food and drink special with owners barbequing burGers on the Grill, ‘’trinkets’’ from Joe Adams LetterinG (HA) and more !! Maybe a jell- o wrestling match can be arranged between Geezer and the YuenGlinG Girls?? That last one was my idea… shhhh.

vThe program book being sold weekly (3,000 copies sold weekly) has a nice half paGe ad in it from KAM Fueled Racing, thanking our marketing partners and fans, thanks Dave Stirk, Joe and all the folks at the publishers for making chanGes, and fine tuning for us. Looks Great !!

vThanks Cary Vaupel and all the safety crews at Grandview that keep us safe weekly. UnsunG heroes for sure… Geared up and ready all niGht. I thought Darth Vader was cominG to my car in staGinG and it was Cary, that’s dedication man. Woke me up that’s for sure…THANKS !



Ø  2016 MarketinG Partners:


A huGe THANKS to our 2016 marketinG partners… without each one of these fine folks we couldn’t do this !! We are already into tons of exposure we have planned for these fine folks via track announcer, proGram book ads, radio shows, car shows, TV, racinG publications, web site ‘spotliGhts’ and special appearances -  patronize them please, see each one’s link on the ‘sponsor’ paGe of the new web site ! Visit often !!


R. Hollenshead Auto Sales – Cooper Morgan’s Public House - Hosensack Poker Club – Keystone Air – Exton Beverage – Weso’s Italian Restaurant – Arthur Smith Landscaping – Giorgio’s Pizza – CFS - Sunshine Café’ - The Webmaster – E.Coach Pete’s Fuel –Rowe Autograph Card Designs and ‘’Anonymous’’.





This Saturday April 30th, racing starts at 7 pm. General admission is $15 to watch some of the best dirt track racing on the east coast. BrinG a cooler, no bottles. Mention ‘’Geezer’’ and park for free. A ‘’reGular show’’ consists of 3 divisions, qualifying races and a feature for each division… After the features are run, stop back in the pits and meet your favorite team !! The #22 team is already prepping the car, come see the show.


As always, be safe and have fun, The GEEZER

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NEXT KAM FUELED RACING EVENT: Saturday April 30th ...
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