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Geezer Gazette 2016, Volume 22, Edition 6





The #22 Arthur Smith Landscaping car was runnin good and handling better than ever Saturday night, we led a bunch of laps and garnered an adventurous 7th place finish in the 25 lap feature. Can’t thank Chuck Schutz and his fine group for the set up ideas that we continue to experiment with, they worked well. Congrats goes to Brain Shuey and the entire Sue and Scott Lee owned #177 team on their third feature win this season. Following closely behind Shuey were Schutz, Pfeil and Sipe. Geezer really appreciated the #177 owners stopping by after the race and stating how nice a run we had, a true class act move, thanks Lee’s!! Kyle Borer won his first ever TP Trailer’s Modified race as he led almost all 30 laps of the exciting feature. Ryan Lillick won in the Sportsman division, what a great win for that team.  


Ø  THANKS !! Crewing the Hollenshaed Auto Sales #22 for the night were Al Yusko, Bob Auch and Ken ‘’Big Red’’ Loux. A special thanks goes out to these guys ( and JD when he can assist) for all the hard work, long nights and dedication it takes to prepare one of these BRC Late Models for  competition.

Ø  Happy Birthdays to Jamie from Sunshine Café and our own Bob Auch !! 

Ø  A very special thanks to the #46 Scott Select team for lending us a carb until ours is done being rebuilt. The comradery we are seeing this season form certain teams , really proves that this is a great division with some truly good people involved. I coulda got past Dan on the last lap but didn’t want him to take his carb back if I passed him. LOL, not. Dan Green driving the #46 Anthony’s Pizza , Squire side Café car finished 6th and is currently second in Championship points!! Keep it up team Green team !

Ø  Another hats off to Dave ‘’Crazy’’ Yost as he took time from his busy schedule to guide me and Bob through a new steering rack install just a day before the race!! Actually, he didn’t ‘guide’ us he ‘did’ the install, LOL… Crazy, works on the #72 BRC Late Model team with Wayne Pfeil as driver. That entire team has also been super helpful through the years with a carb loaner (last season), advice and help whenever needed and comedy from Crazy all too often. Another 72 crew member: Josh Hash’s welding expertise has been coming in handy numerous times already this season and his wonderful wife Shani is also always a great help. THANK YOU to the entire ‘’purple power’’ # 72 team !

Ø  Special thanks to race fan, friend of the owners and all around nice guy Ken Hanley for a recent gesture to buy a new tire for the Giorgio’s pizza #22 car !! Ken had some friends kids with him Saturday night and they enjoyed watching the #22 Weso’s Italian Restaurant car out front and promises to return !! Thank you Ken !!

Ø  Missie’s cupcakes were out of this world !! Thanks Missie (owner of Checkered Flag Bakery), and nice try sneaking them into our trailer !! Our surveillance cameras and motion sensors caught you red handed!! Look up Checkered Flag Bakery on face book, and like her page.

Ø  Thanks Cathy Green, owner of the #46 BRC Late Model for a container full of peanut butter cheesecake bites !! That was my pre-race and post-race snack !! Delicious !!

Ø  The KAM Fueled Racing car owners were happy with the progress and seeing their car up front is what they want more of… we will do our best !! Thank you for believing in us and we aim to keep the good runs coming. Visit often to keep up with our first season/start up team.

Ø  Congrats to Eric Renninger on losing 40 pounds since 9 moths ago when he was in a racing incident which took him out of the driver’s seat for a little while. Eric is the Webmaster – E whom can do a site for you, see his contact info on the nice site (above) he administers for us. Thank you Eric and good job losing weight, teach me how you do it?? HA !

Ø  My friend Dan Lane went to Airport Speedway Saturday night with their #29j Micro Sprint driven by Dan Lane Jr. and almost caused a riot !! Lol, Dan drove a great race and was black flagged for a late race incident so after he spoke his mind to the officials, they were escorted out… they won’t be returning and no one was put in jail, a good day I’d say…LOL  they are a great team and great people, Airport lost a good competitor, but it’s not their weekly track so all is good. Go get em Danny !! They run Linda’s Speedway Friday night’s and Lanco Saturdays normally.

Ø  Eric Whitby, Scotty Deihl and Whippy were seen cruising the pits after the races but were too busy to stop by and say hello, but that’s OK, they will be at Cooper Morgan’s open house (see ad below) hosting some live interviews from the deck June 18th with team 22, come join us !! Joe Adams musta been so busy tryin to figure out who was driving the 22 car, that he couldn’t attend Saturday night… apparently since the #22 Keystone Air car was leading a bunch of laps he thought there was a driver change…and posted a ever too long face book post about it… I didn’t see the humor !!  Hahahahaha  ;)

Ø  Princess was MIA, she must have been busy painting ? At least Jordan was kind enough to say hi to Geezer, sheesh…LOL.

Ø  Great to see the Cooper Morgan’s Public House owners after the races enjoying meeting the many other folks who stop by after the events to see the #22 machine, and they even brought a couple cold beverages for the team !! They are really looking forward to meeting and hosting everyone for their open house ( see below) on the 18th. Seems that everyone expects Geezer to cook burgers on the grill, I better wear my fire suit and you better bring Tums or Pepto –Bismal.

Ø       2016 KAM Fueled Racing #22 Marketing Partners:

A huge THANKS to our 2016 marketing partners !! Without each and every one of these fine folks we couldn’t do this !! We have already begun with tons of exposure via track announcements, program book ads every week, radio shows, car shows, TV, racing publications, web site ‘spotlights’ and special appearances so patronize them please. See each one’s link on the ‘sponsor’ page of the KAM Fueled Racing web site ! Visit often !! Contact us to join the team, we can get your business/product or event ‘’worldwide attention’’ !!!

R. Hollenshead Auto Sales  *  Cooper Morgan’s Public House  *  Hosensack Poker Club  *  Keystone Air  *  Exton Beverage  *  Weso’s Italian Restaurant  *  Arthur Smith Landscaping  *  Rowe’s Graphics  *  Giorgio’s Pizza  *  CFS  *  ‘Secret Agent’  *  Sunshine Café’  *  The Webmaster – E.  * Coach Pete’s Fuel


Saturday June 11th, racing starts at 7:30 !! The blast from the past Vintage cars will be an added attraction this Saturday …in addition to the always exciting BRC Late Models, TP Trailer Modifieds, and the Sportsman cars… Be there !!

NEXT KAM FUELED RACING EVENT: Saturday June 11th, ...