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Geezer Gazette 2016, Volume 22, Edition 4

Geezer Gazette 2016, Volume 22, Edition 4



  Was it Kenny RoGers who sang that sonG ?? Or was it Ken ‘’BiG Red’’ Loux ?? Whatever the case, it took all I had to Get that sonG out of my head after cominG in from the heat race with a riGht front flat on the first lap, but hey, we’re racin and havinG fun doin it… KAM Fueled style. Visit to see what is happening! Thanks Erik Renninger of Webmaster –E fame for the Great site full of information!


With a Great field of cars siGned in for the BRC Late Models on a picture perfect race niGht, the #22 KAM Fueled Racing Hosensack Poker, Keystone Air car was ready for competition after Al, Bob and Geezer unloaded the riG and set up shop in the pits. Not long after set up , a tray full of peanut butter cookies and cupcakes appeared with a smile compliments of Missie FeGley, owner of the The Chekered FlaG Bakery. Thanks Missie, they ‘were’ delish !! The #22 BRP Late Model started deep in the pack for the 25 feature event 18th and finished a hard earned 13th. Thanks Steve Gross for lending us a Gear to try and we will continue digging for more speed. Steve will make a few appearances in his #62 Late Model soon. Every week we are learning and trying  thinGs that will help our performance, the Gear helped. A huGe conGrats to Chuck Schutz on his feature win in the 25 lap BRP Late Model feature event, he and his ‘’ONE’’ team are some Great folks who have been instrumental in KAM Fueled Racing’s start up and we thank them often, as they continue to help us, conGrats to each of them, including Dozer the horse, oops I mean doG, the size of a horse !! Frank Cozze won the TP Trailer Modified 30 lapper and Mike Lisowski won the 25 lap Sportsman main event. Happy 60th to my friend Daryl, sorry I missed your special surprise party buddy, heard it was first class as was your surprise 50th when I was 10 (HA!!)!!




vHappy Birthday to ‘’Grampa Sam’’ !!! My sources wouldn’t reveal his aGe but he acts 25 !! Hahahaha Cheers Grampa Sam !! Jeff Alhum, the track announcer was kind enough to announce Grampa Sam’s special occasion, thank you Jeff !!!

vOn the way to the track Saturday, the crew and Geezer stopped at a ‘’local business’’ to show the car and the interest was high. More news to come !! 

vSpecial thanks to ‘’anonymous’’ for oil and filters for the season !!  I have a detective on the case to find out who it is, THANK YOU, we are fortunate to be surrounded by folks who believe in our mission, we are humbled as offers and assistance pours in.

vGreat to see Cathy, Tom, Lisa, Pamela, Coach Pete, Steve and the KinG in the stands wearing their KAM Fueled hoodies and shirts for the chilly evening on the hill !! Thanks for the continued support !!

vConGrats to Jordan and ‘’the princess’’ on the recent purchase of a new castle… ‘’if the castle’s rockin, don’t come knockin’’ was a sign on the door already. ‘’this is a test’’     ;)

vAnother win for Dan Lane Jr on Saturday niGht in a Lanco Speedway Sportsman Micro Sprint !! 2 wins for the year and more to come!! He and his Dad are thrilled and it’s looking like a banner year for the father/son team. Danny recently spoke on a radio show about washing Geezer’s car every week but hasn’t done it yet. I expect a visit soon? Oh and BiG Dan owes me a WAWA coffee !!Hahahahaha 

vThe Low Down And Dirty crew were on hAnd Saturday niGht in the pits And Joe AdAms even stopped by for a peAce treAty. All is Good in the world. RiGht Joe?  ;)

vA recent visit to Cooper Morgan’s last week, has plans coming together nicely for a June 18thopen house from noon til 4 at the quaint public house and eatery located only a mile from the track on Barto Road. Stay tuned for many details including, the #22 car on display with crew and driver, YuenGlinG Girls, live radio broadcast, food and drink special with owners barbequing burGers on the Grill, ‘’trinkets’’ from Joe Adams LetterinG (HA) and more !! Maybe a jell- o wrestling match can be arranged between Geezer and the YuenGlinG Girls?? That last one was my idea… shhhh.

vThe program book being sold weekly (3,000 copies sold weekly) has a nice half paGe ad in it from KAM Fueled Racing, thanking our marketing partners and fans, thanks Dave Stirk, Joe and all the folks at the publishers for making chanGes, and fine tuning for us. Looks Great !!

vThanks Cary Vaupel and all the safety crews at Grandview that keep us safe weekly. UnsunG heroes for sure… Geared up and ready all niGht. I thought Darth Vader was cominG to my car in staGinG and it was Cary, that’s dedication man. Woke me up that’s for sure…THANKS !



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Geezer Gazette 2016, Volume 22, Edition 3

Geezer Gazette 2016, Volume 22, Edition 3



       A wholesale set up change to the #22 showed progress throughout the events Saturday niGht. Thanks Chuck Schutz and others who continue to answer questions, supply parts and Give advice on this racer in an effort to Get us up front! Thank you Bob and JD for crewinG for the niGht and Get well Al, see you next Saturday buddy.  

        The #22 Coach Pete fueled, Geezer driven BRC car lined up for the 25 lap BRC Late Model feature in position 15 with 19 cars taking the Green and we finished 10th. ConGrats to Brian Shuey and the entire #177 team on their victory and to the #72 team with a close 2nd place finish. Other feature winners were J. Houseworth in the Sportsman and D. Howard in the 35 lap TP Trailer Modified feature. Was Great to have Karen and Wayne , owners of Cooper MorGan’s in attendance with baGs of Goodies to hand out after the races and they enjoyed the show immensely, we love racing for them and have a biG event planned for June 18th, keep the day open! More to come on that one. Visit our site regularly to keep up with the team, merchandise, fan club, photos, sponsors, and special events !! Thank you Erik Renninger of Webmaster – E for the Great work on the site. He is your man if you are looking to Go Global or worldwide.


‘’Coach Pete’’ inks a deal to be the KAM Fueled Racing fuel supplier for 2016 !! Philadelphia Inquirer, USA Today, World News and the Limerick Lighthouse News will have full stories but you are reading  it here first !! If you have been following the Geezer Gazette recently (by choice or default) and or just couldn’t afford to unsubscribe you’ll recognize the name ‘’Coach Pete’’ has been a fixture in the ‘’turn 4 GanG’’ for years. Coach and owner Steve finalized the deal over a pickle and a larGe diet coke just before the warm ups and we are all thrilled to have Coach as our fuel supplier. Later in the evening after the feature still sweaty and tired from 25 nonstop laps I visited Coach to thank him and all he told me was ‘’make sure you shut the motor off during red flaGs to save fuel’’… I almost fell out of the bleachers laughing ! Between he and the owner, we are in for a treat. More stories to follow folks, it’s GettinG interesting around here. THANK YOU COACH PETE SOVIA!! Welcome to the circus.

·Happy 75th Birthday to Gramma Ann… during a text from me on her special day she invited me up for some homemade ravs, if she cooks on a Saturday one of my 22 back up drivers will fill in…·Thanks Racers Round Table for hosting Geezer, Steve and Erik as they recorded a show live from the Willow Street Pub last Sunday and educated folks on this Great team with a Great mission. Amy and Pete KnappenburGer did a Great job and even had Dana the Ms. Racers Roundtable Girl there to have fun with us. You can listen to the show after hitting the ‘’listen live link’’ on·Surprise crew for Saturday were GeorGe (no habla espanol) Loux and his Dad Ken (BiG Red) Loux. We had a lot of fun after the events and they were very helpful during , thanks Guys !!·Cathy and Tom made an appearance and I enjoyed every ounce of the ‘’biG can’’… THANKS !! ;)·Special thanks Bob for hauling the #22 weekly AND for brinGinG a crock pot full of hot doGs and crout !! Word of advice, next time, don’t let me sit in the back seat with them on the way to the track… you Guys will have more to eat. I fished about 8 of them bad boys out of the croute and Gobled em down at every liGht.·Kendra , Hunter and Jason enjoyed bundling up and watching every lap while wearing their KAM Fueled RacinG Gear !! Great to see you all !!!·Special treats for the niGht were sweetly supplied by Missie FeGley. Thank you so much!!! Contact me if you have an event and need Goodies, I’ll put you in tuch.·‘’Other’’ sweets landed at the #22 trailer throughout the niGht thanks to Cathy Green, Tammy Auman, Sandy Mertz, Wendy AND one Milano supplied by Brett ‘’birthday boy’’ Higginbotham. THANKS ALL!·A heartfelt ‘’Get well ‘’ to Bruce Thomas from the team. Bruce is fighting cancer one day at a time and we are with him.·Sincere THANKS to track announcer Jeff Ahlum for taking time to make some special announcements during the niGht. AnnouncinG the Cooper Morgan owners and Warren Rowe’s dauGhter’s heroics was a class act, thanks Jeff ! Warren does autograph cards for us and his 7 year old dauHGhter spotted a fire across the street, called 911 and her and her mother started a bucket brigade to keep it under control until the troops showed up. A young hero in my book, Good job !!·The Low Down –nd Dirty crew stopped by -fter the event to h-nG out. W-s Great to see most of them. TH-NKS !!·Thank you Grandview Groove publisher and writer Dave Stirk for having the ‘’spotliGht’’ story on KAM Fueled Racing this past week !·Was Great to run into ‘’the Princess’’ Jen and her mancub Jordan! He just turned like 21 or something, LOL !! This will be a test to see if she’s reading her Gazette…·Thanks Steve Gross as he is letting us try a new Gear for Saturday before we buy one, the owner and fuel sponsor will love that. LOL·Glad to hear Ernie Saxton will be in town this summer, hope to cross paths with that old fella… I’d like to see the shoes he says he has that are older than me… must be made out of rocks.

Ø  2016 Marketing Partners:

A huGe THANKS to our 2016 marketinG partners… without each one of these fine folks we couldn’t do this !! We are already into tons of exposure we have planned for these fine folks via track announcer, proGram book ads, radio shows, car shows, TV, racinG publications, web site ‘spotliGhts’ and special appearances -  patronize them please, see each one’s link on the ‘sponsor’ paGe of the new web site !

R. Hollenshead Auto Sales – Cooper Morgan’s Public House - Hosensack Poker Club – Keystone Air – Exton Beverage – Weso’s Italian Restaurant – Arthur Smith Landscaping – Giorgio’s Pizza – CFS - Sunshine Café’ - The Webmaster – E.Coach Pete’s Fuel  


                Saturday April 23rd, will have the VintaGe Cars do a special exhibition in addition to the regular show (BRC Late Models, TP Trailer Modifieds and Sportsmans)  at Grandview Speedway for no extra charge to the fans !! RacinG starts at 7pm. Children 11 and under who mention ‘’Geezer’’ Get in free and parking for their parents will be free if they bring a donit to the Gatekeeper. See you there !!! Free kittens and air will be free next Saturday, stay tuned . Shirts, hoodies, stickers, and hats are available for sale, see the team to purchase and help to support our dream, or see me and I’ll Give everything away for free. That is why I am banned from havinG the merchandise, sorry see the other Guys. To keep up with the events, points and news check out our paGe or visit .

As always, be safe and have fun The GEEZER

Pictured below are Hunter the #22 tire Guy and Jason the #22 team photoGrapher !!  


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Geezer Gazette 2016, Volume 22, Edition 2

Kam Fueled Racing Notches First Win Of Season !!


Around The Shop:


        The Kam Fueled Racing #22 BRC Late Model took first place in the Coventry Mall Car Show and is now 1 for 1 in events entered for 2016 !! LOL. The new owners, Kylie, Alex, Matt, Linda and Steve visited the car as it Got lots of attention from shoppers, family, friends and race fans throuGhout the entire weekend and we had many Giveaways from Cooper MorGan’s, Exton BeveraGe and others. Many even enjoyed sittinG in the car and makinG motor sounds... Linda Bartorillo  said she might even take it out for hot laps one niGht !! Hahahaha. The team would like to thank Scott Hoffmaster and the Wicked Effects Car Club alonG with all their helpers for hostinG all the cars and car clubs that enjoyed the exposure with us on a beautiful sprinG like weekend. Trophy’s sponsored by the Action Track at Kutztown will be proudly displayed as KAM Fueled RacinG won ‘’Best AppearinG Big Car’’ award. Thanks SDS PhotoGraphy for the autograph cards for the mall show and thanks Missie FaGley, Simply Sheries and Dave Stirk for the cupcakes and donits !!  

           The car was pushinG a little near Victoria’s Secret, ended up loose near Baskin Robbins but after a few minor adjustments and after narrowly missing a few ‘caution wet floor’ signs, the car handled perfectly for the ol Geezer as the team Al, Bob, JD, and Beans found the winninG set up. But seriously, a special thanks to Joe Adams and Steve Bartorillo for bringing the concept of the ‘’new look 22’’to life and GarnerinG a well-deserved award for this new team.


 Ø Thanks Marketing Partners:


A huge THANKS to our 2016 marketing partners… along with the promotional team of webmaster E (Erik Renninger) who does our nice web site, and Ernie Saxton for numerous articles recently, matter of fact just yesterday in the Daily Local News, and coming up in the North Penn Reporter, Pottstown Mercury, Norristown Times Herald, Phoenix Reporter and others!! We do have plenty more exposure planned for these fine folks via track announcer, program book ads, radio shows, car shows, TV, racing publications, web site ‘spotlights’ and special appearances – so stay tuned and patronize them please, see each one’s link on the ‘sponsor’ page of the new web site ! Sign up for the fan club, and order some fresh off the presses racing shirts !


2016 PARTNERS = R. Hollenshead Auto Sales , Cooper Morgan’s Public House , Hosensack Poker Club , Keystone Air , Exton Beverage, Weso’s Italian Restaurant , Arthur Smith Landscaping , Giorgio’s Pizza , The Webmaster – E , Sunshine Cafe’  and Church Farm School.




           This Saturday (3-26) Grandview hosts an open practice starting at noon. All different types of racers will be on hand after rebuilding over the winter. Free Grandstand admission if you mention KAM Fueled Racing. The #22 will Go out for a session or two to shake down the KAM Fueled racer. April 2nd at 7 pm the reGular season gets underway as the BRC Late Models, TP Trailer Modifieds and Sportsman cars make up the regular weekly fields. Thanks also to our loyal team: Al, Bob, JD, Beans, Ken, Steve and to the #46 team and to Chuck Schutz and his team (Mr. Knepp and Jordan, LOL) for recent help with set ups and parts!!

          Welcome on board Sunshine Cafe’ in Limerick, as the team will meet there Saturday before practice and meet the owners who have decided to Get in on the action with us !!  Thanks Sunshine Cafe’, we hope you enjoy the wild ride…

           Taking orders now for some beautiful racing shirts that are hot off the presses and window stickers… pics will be available shortly on Geezer Fanelli Facebook paGe. For sponsorship inquiries This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for levels of entry. We are currently seeking a fluids sponsor for 2016, motor oil, oil filters, air filters, sprays etc. with Guaranteed results and revenue increases for your company…  


Visit the site: often and also check for track news and point standings. Grab your April 9th issue of the Grandview Groove for a racers ‘spotliGht’ on the new team and enjoy our yearlong half paGe ad showing off and thanking our ‘partners’ !  

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