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About KAM Fueled Racing

Welcome to KAM Fueled Racing........  The Team has made many updates from the 2016 season.  With the help of Chuck Schutz, the Team has upgraded its inventory with a former track champion chassis.  The driver is Andy Cassel of Boyertown, PA.  The Team is also switching its number to 28.  Andy is the son of modified racer Wes Cassel, who drove the 28c around the 1/3rd Grandview oval in the 1970’s.  What better way to keep the KAM tradition of family by running a 28!  The Team plans on being a weekly competitor at the Bechtelsville track, where racing is every Saturday night at the NASCAR sanctioned 1/3 mile clay oval from April through August.

KAM is also expanding its presence by joining with Ryan Beltz of Beltz Racing to field a Sportsman and Modified.  Ryan will be piloting both cars  with his familiar number 221.  The partnership all started at the car wash after the races and has led to an expansion of KAM in the motorsports world.

KAM is owned by Steve Bartorillo of Limerick, PA, where its mission is to promote professionalism, hard work, family centric, and reaching out to the younger generation to appreciate the sport like the old timers do.

KAM stands for The Bartorillo’s children, where

K  = Kylie

A  = Alex

M = Matt Bartorillo

A few years ago, Steve and his sons where just fans in the stands.  They took a liking to the sport so much that they wanted to become more involved which has translated into KAM

The transition from fan to owner has been an enjoyable one.  There is so much preparation that goes into making a car competitive and KAM is especially thankful to have such a dedicated group helping.  Chuck Schutz, an 8-time trach champion, has spent countless hours helping the Team prepare for the season.  Schutz Competition was there from day one by helping strip the old car and upgrade the new one.  Driver Andy Cassel has also been a mainstay in the garage.  It is with this dedication and determination that KAM continues to compete at the track.  In this line of business, there are so many people who help because they want to.  And KAM is forever grateful to those who have helped.

As with any endeavor, we would not be here if it weren’t for our sponsors.  Please patronize their businesses.  You won’t be disappointed.  If you are looking to become involved in any capacity with the race team, please contact Steve Bartorillo at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  This journey started off by meeting Joe “Geezer” Fanelli in the pits after a race.  And a few years later it has evolved into a competitive race team.  It has been a great ride.  And as our slogan goes, we are “Building a Mystery”.

KAM Fueled Racing

Kylie Bartorillo
Kylie Bartorillo Team Member
Kylie's main responsibility with the Team is to spend Saturday nights going to the movies with her Mom, while the boys are racing.

KAM Photo

She also is a big Villanova Fan and wants the Team to change its colors to Nova Nation colors.
Alex "King" Bartorillo
Alex "King" Bartorillo Team Member
He owns over 500 die cast racing cars and weekly sets up tracks around his house to simulate a NASCAR race.

Alex A

Greg Biffle was he favorite NASCAR driver so he is in transition for a new one. He is also the proud owner of his own quarter His involvement in the Team is to provide the Turn 4 Gang with goodies. He and Coach Pete are the racing commentators in the stands and lets the Coach know when it is time to call the Tower. Ernie Saxton is his favorite announcer.
Matt Bartorillo
Matt Bartorillo Team Member
Matt started coming to the race tracks at an early age, oldest of the KAM children, and has spent time in the pits helping as part of the crew..

Kylie K

Matt also helps with merchandising and is always looking for a way to give shirts away for free!